PreSonus 24:4 case PreSonus 24:4 case 24:4 with UPS rack and MacBook Pro The outboard rack consists of a 5 space rack-in-a-Pelican 1640 with a one space UPS, a 4 ch. Ashly Protea and a one space CD player. The Mac Book Pro is networked to an iPad for remote FOH mixing. The console always stays at side-stage for minimum cabling and fast strike time in this band situation. The 2 luggage cases seen are wireless mic receivers and IEM transmitters. 108583923 24:4 in case tray 2" of foam at the palm rest area. Case solves problems other cases create. IE: headphone jack relocation, cable stowage and fastening of the power cable and 1394 (FireWire) cable to prevent damage and accidental unplugging. 108583924 headphone cable detail 1/4" 90 degree TRS to a 1/4 female solves the headphone jack location problem. 108583925 24:4 back porch The "back porch" is carpeted. Sharpie-keeper cable clamp shown. Note vent area open to allow free air flow to the vents and bottom of the console sheet metal case. The rear stop cushions the console as it's transported vertically. Larger porches or dog-houses can be built to order for touring and fan-out residence. 108583926 24:4 in case The case is 3/8" hardwood plywood and 1/16" fiberglass laminate. All hardware is premium PennFab. Three handles, 4 latches. Case and console are light enough to carry like a briefcase. It usually rolls in stacked on a cable trunk. It fits thru a 3-0 door no problem. 108583927