Events Events THAT FAT GUY Where does this guy come from? A tech that worked for me a long time ago knew a graphic artist and had a caricature done of himself for laminate passes. The name Fowler Audio & Theatric got acronymed down to F.A.T. really quickly so he became the FAT guy. I scaled it up and put it on roadcases because everybody loved the logo. . 60848305 Obama at Dean Smith Center We were a "go to" vendor during the campaign. Long days and lots of hours of prep for a short but influential speech. All events ran without a problem and the audio was crystal clear. 18,000 attended the Dean Smith Center for a speech. 61786813 Miracles at CIAA The CIAA in Charlotte hosted this group. They can still sing and dance quite well for their age and put on a great show. Looked and sounded great. 61786814 Michelle at Fayetteville State Michelle was a pivotal supporter of the campaign. She worked as hard as her husband and was an excellent speaker. 61786815 RJA at Dorton Meredith College was entertained by RJA this year. Inclement weather puts the event in Dorton Arena. 61786816 Legends of HipHop The calm before the storm. 61786817 Dancing with the LCS at DWCC This event raises enough money to operate Communities In Schools all year long. We were proud to help out this worthy cause. 61786818 2009 Johnson C. Smith Graduation Graduation ceremonies with stage/top and Xlc Array in background. 77133514 JCSU Graduatiuon 2010 Our 40' x 40' stage and top at the JCSU graduation. Line Array is in the scaffold towers behind those banners. 81153974 JCSU Graduation 2010 stage from downstage left 81153975 Chaka Kaha @ DPAC Pic from balcony. We provided backline. 90993924 Ludacris at Reynolds, NC State I used to go see shows at Reynolds. Anybody remember Journey, REO Speedwagon? They sounded pretty washy there, but we didn't care back then. We did VID mag, staging, line array PA, backline and conventional lighting for Luda. From viewing to doing, I've come full circle. And oh yeah,this time, it sounded great in that room. 112617461 Sugar Ray at Duke Great bunch of guys and great sounding band. Terrific to work with. 123309007 Gloriana at Dorton Fall 2011 for Meredith Wild At Heart! Rain location was at good old Dorton Arena again. The band brought in a Profile and SC48 at FOH. Nexo rig sounded fantastic. We fired it half-hall (at the east bleachers) to minimize the room effect and make it feel more intimate. 138530798 Christopher Cross at HPCC Fall 2011 This was a private event at High Point Country Club to raise money for the hospital. Excellent band and very good sonics. Sounded very even and full thru the entire ballroom. Raised some eyebrows with that much gear in that room. 138939280 CEMC Annual Meeting 2011 We provided sound/lighting and Video support to Central Electric's annual meeting at the Dennis Wicker Civic Center. This was our 5th year providing this service. 144968770 Crown Coliseum Gospel Explosion 2011 The Williams, Tye Tribbet and others performed for 8,000 attendees. We provided backline and out-fill line array. 144968771 Wedding at Carolina Inn Carolina Blue themed wedding. 240 watt LEDs uplighting wedding chapel. It was Chapel Hill, what other color would it be? 144968772 CREE 2011 Stage lit with LED's. Celebrity Allstars on stage 145531739 CREE 2011 Cool interior decorating. Sharon does it right. Cool digs. 145532539 Parker Reunion 2012 New 240w LED cans illuminating upstage banjo cloth soft goods. 151884785 Parker Reunion 2012 More upstage experimentation. 151884786 EnVogue Show 2012 Marriott Raleigh Ballroom 154949863 EnVogue Show 2012 PA, VID, Lighting, Staging, Wall Masking 154949864 CREE Holiday Party 2012 The band "Celebrity Allstars" onstage. 180557947 Passion Pit 2013 Lots of! 180557948 St. Aug Gala 2013 Avant on stage. 180557949