Backline Backline DW Collectors Red Spider Pine Kit in Case 8/10/12/14/16-22 kick. This kit uses the DW 9000 series stainless rack. I use the curved bar to do the 8,10 & 12 over the kick. A stand mounts the 14 & 16 floor toms for placement options. The right side of the rack does cymbal booms only. 61785792 Pearl Purple Mist/Gold hdwe. MMX Kit 8/10/12/14/16/18-22 kick. This kit uses the square bar DR-50 3 sided rack. 61785793 Eden WT-800/Rocco Cab. Rig The cabinet is a Rocco Prestia signature with greater note articulation and clarity than other 8-10 cabs. 61785794 Mic Stand Case 32 stands in a quarter pack size, amazing density 61785795 Mesa Dual Rectifier/Triple channel and 4x12 cab in cases Lots of Boogie. 61785796 Yamaha Recording Custom Stage White in case Vinnie played this kit at a Seminar WAY back in the 80's. Sounds great with pinstripes. 64567351 122 Leslie in case tray Saved this from a church. Looks like it came from a time capsule, only vacuum cleaner marks on the low trim. 64567352 Pearl MMX 18x22 kick in case Amazing looking kit under lights. 68220179 18x22 kick case Keeps it safe. 68220180 Yamaha Maple Absolute Blue Sparkle Newest addition to the herd. This case design allows boom cymbal stands to be stored above the 2 floor toms keeping the weight better distributed than the previous design. Easier to access and can fit 7 cymbal stands. Orange Pelican is a drum support case we carry to every backline outing. 144967528 Yamaha Absolute Maple case exterior Dark Charcoal Grey ABS on 5 Ply maple plywood. 144967529 Yamaha Maple Absolute kick detail These cases are tricky to build. 1/8" on either side of this kick's spur hardware. Interior panels are 1/2" RIGA (9 ply Russian birch) that's carpeted and slotted for mods and possible future kit changes/swaps. These should provide the owner a lifetime of service. 144967530 Lonestar Special Sounds like this: beautiful........................... 145658651 UHF-R's These are called R2D2 and C3PO. Factory plated gold and chrome UHF-R's with KSM9 heads. 145658652