Road Cases Road Cases Bass Rig Eden bass rig in case. 8x10 Rocco cab with WT800 head. 90995426 Mic stand case 25 tube case, shelf for 6 C.Iron bases, 2 sp. drawer for clamps and clips. 90995427 Kick case Pearl MMX case w/ cymbal storage in trap door false floor below.. 90995428 Latch Spanning latch. These keep the lid/door stiffer because the tounge and groove extrusion stays in one piece. 90995429 Yamaha Recording Custom Drum case 8/10/12/14/16/22 drum case, shelf style. 90995430 Key case Triton LE 61 key case 90995431 Tour Duty Amp rack MOL latches, dual handles on 12 sp. rack. 90995432 Monitor case Dual PS.15 monitor lid-over case 90995433 the Workhorse 1 ton CM, how to store and ship? 112614813 1 ton CM motor cases Motor cradle, chain pocket, storage for stingers, shackles, motor cables, pickle. 90995425 CM case lid slid aside shows control cables on top of motor. Wheel cups allow stacking and truck density. We use this design for cable trunks, feeder trunks, snake trunks (2x width) and PA cable stowage. Lids can also be nylon strapped for loss prevention on tours. These allow access within the truck pack to verify contents. 112614814 CM case interior motor sits atop it's chain bag on carpet cushioned skids. Chain pocket can store 120' of chain. 65' of chain shown with pickle on top. Lots of room on top for AC cable, breakouts, etc. 112614815 LS-9/32 fiberglass case w/ nose-cone Has a single rack space beneath the console for a drawer, UPS, CD player, whatever you need in there. Full access to headphone jack and attenuator. Handles can be added to the lid for one man setup/teardown ease. Lid also minimizes damage potential for errant lid strikes to the screen and knob cluster. 132329125 LS-9/32 fiberglass case showing doghouse This doghouse design lets you lift the lid an the whole center section cascades down and away in a 3 hinge design. Material 9 ply RIGA, really classy looking and easy to maintain. 132329126 Tama StarClassic case (empty) ;( Specifically sized to the 8/10/12/14/16-22 StarClassic kit I have. The shelves are spaced for minimum movement during shipping. 145532679 Tama StarClassic case with shell kit as above. 145929914 Tama StarClassic case closed as above, lidded and ready to roll. 145929913 Hartke HyDrive 810 Neo in case Door removed from Hartke HyDrive case. Trap door rear access for NL-4 input connector. Makes the cab sound THAT much tighter since there is no boundary contact with the stage floor. Just pure tone. 145929166 Case closed! The above case with lid closed, ready to ship. Locker casters easy to engage to keep the case in place on sloped outdoor stages. 145929167 lid/tray/MOL transitions That junke is tight! High tolerance assembly and attention to detail is our trademark. Note the transition at the tongue-groove miter. All rivets that are accessible are air-hammer peened for ultimate strength and fit quality. A critical step that sets our cases apart from the competition. 146110204 Keyboard Vault open Holds 2-88 key boards, 4-73 or 76 key boards for transport. Shelves are removable for additional storage in a "not-fully-stocked" situation, allowing stands stools, and pedals to be carried. One case can sustain a keyboard player for an entire tour. 180556033 Keyboard Vault closed Constructed of 1/2" Hex-A-Grip for the nearly 300 lbs. of keyboards that can be stuffed into it. Construction and materials are world class. 180556034 Keyboard Vault handle detail The Hex-A-Grip is a nice looking material that's roadworthy and strong yet lightweight. 180556235