Presonus SL-24 cases and their Variants



Our standard case (above)

Due to customer demand, this case has become our standard SL-24 case. It has the carpeted "back porch" where LittLites, headphones, firewire, the power cable, patch snakes, etc can be stored.. Material is dark grey ABS on 7 ply 3/8" Russian birch. Really tough stuff. Thick aluminum extrusions from Penn/Elcom ensure years of service. Spanning latches let the the tongue & groove extrusions stay one piece and keep the case height to a minimum, strength and rigidity to a maximum. Price is $450.00 fob our shop. These ship reasonably by UPS. Nominal size is 30" x 30"x 10" tall. Doghouse cases get 4" deeper and 1 to 2" taller.

We can fabricate the headphone extension cable if needed. Add $25.00.

Caster boards are 1/2" 9 ply Russian RIGA (phenolic coated both sides) for strength. Casters are 4" Russian Penn/Elcom. 2 are rigid (tip prevention) and 2 are swivel. A great deal of transport vibration absorption is done with those urethane casters when the board ships vertical. Add $100.00




VER 4.0 CASE (less than 75# with console)

I've been asked to make a case that's less than 75# (with the console) for domestic airline flights. This version weighs 38 lbs. yet maintains our 5G level of shock protection. The lid is 1" shorter and I use neoprene for the attenuator pad. It is the same price as the standard case ($450.00).

Headphone extension shown below in VER 4.0 case.





Recording doghouse case (taller and deeper)

This case is deeper and taller to fit the doghouse shown. It's top extends above the attenuators to allow one (or more) computers to perch in a most convenient spot. This one is carpeted to allow the computer to velcro in place. The lid can be lifted off (pre-session patching) then rests in place while the back hinges away for minor in-session changes if needed. This Doghouse/case stretch adds $150.00 to the base price.













here are some examples of SL-24 case Doghouses we've made


There are quite a few variants on these. Here are a few examples of interior up-fits and custom doghouse designs. The first pic (above) is of a removable doghouse lid with a folding rear panel for studio use where the laptop or near-fields sit on the doghouse lid. The lid top is carpeted, Below is a custom doghouse where the request was to patch and unpatch snakes with the lid/laptop in place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Suitcase version (above and below) is $550.00 fob our shop.





 *rigid casters for tip-over resistance (we've found all swivel casters promote tipping)                                                                                                                                                                       * new 7 ply Russian material (same price, better material, charcoal grey color)                                                                                                                                                                                 * added foam panel in lid for side drop protection (eliminates plastic side panels hitting spring    handle dish in large impacts)                                                                                                                            

 *caster board attached with Tee nuts (casters have to be removed for shipping, easier customer      assembly)     


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